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Halloween Cubes: Art Toys by Kimparks Lab

To celebrate Halloween, South Korean studio Kimparks Lab created this cool series of cube-shaped ghosts, pumpkins and monster toys.

The best way to play your old Game Boy cartridges is coming in 2020

Analogue Pocket is a portable multi-video-game-system. There’s never been a better way to play your old handheld games.

Industrial Design Concepts by Simon Galansky

Interesting design pieces and concepts by talented Slovakian industrial designer Simon Galansky, including the ‘Sinuo Chair’, ‘Koki Light’ and ‘Barstool SG 2/2’. Simon is currently…

AKO Electric Trike

The AKO Trike is an electric three-wheeler vehicle looking to fill the gap between motorcycles and cars. “Designed to seat two people, the AKO’s stylings…

Nintendo Flex: The Game Boy Redesigned by YJ Yoon

California-based South Korean designer YJ Yoon created this fantastic concept for the ‘Nintendo Flex’, a portable gaming device inspired by the classic Game Boy handheld.…

Fuell Flow Electric Bikes by Erik Buell

Former Harley-Davidson engineer Erik Buell recently launched his new electric bike company called Fuell. The manufacturer’s first motorcycle series is called ‘Flow‘ and according to…

Vintage Hollywood Movie Lights by John Scarpati

Aviar Motors R67 Electric Car

The Planet Chairs by MZPA

The Future of Racing: McLaren MCLExtreme 2050 Concept

Solstice: Kinetic Clock by Animaro

Creative Lighting Design by Rrudi

1961 Holiday House Geographic Model X by Flyte Camp

Mini Arc Concept by Grigory Butin

Art, Fashion & Technology by Mediated Matter

Audi Board22: Supercar Concept by Pavel Pevchev

Pre-War Motorcycles: Photos by Paul Clifton

First Gear: Beautiful RC Vehicles by V2 Studios

Primitive Tools Redesigned by Ami Drach & Dov Ganchrow

Product Design by Offject

MODU TV Ecosystem by Pedro Gomes Design

Ash Desk by Pavel Vetrov

NIKE Cruiser Board by Jaehyuk Lim

Zeus: The All-Electric Hot Rod by Curtiss Motorcycles

Classic: Braun-inspired Typeface by Gao Yang

Karlmann King SUV: A Real Life Low-Poly Vehicle

Ginza Place Facade by Klein Dytham Architecture

Img: Digital Camera Concept by Abidur Chowdhury

Mena Collection: Gorgeous Sofa & Armchair by FrancoCrea

Nintendo Super Famigun Concept by Allan Williams

224 results found. Showing page 1 of 8.

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