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Vintage Bookstore Branding by Toro Pinto

Mexican studio Toro Pinto designed this fantastic identity for José Barba Librero, a local vintage book store.

Packaging Design by Ben Galbraith

Gorgeous packaging design work by Sydney-based designer Ben Galbraith.

Kololak Wine Packaging Design by Backbone

Armenian studio Backbone created this striking wine packaging set for Kokolak, a regional fusion cuisine restaurant.

Agua Bendita Branding & Packaging by Futura

Mexican studio Futura created this bold visual identity and packaging system for Agua Bendita, a local mezcal brand.

Halo Brewery Branding & Packaging by Underline

Toronto-based studio Underline was commissioned by local brewery Halo to produce this colorful geometric brand identity and packaging design set.

Long Animals: Toy Design by Cristina Regidor & Arturo Moreno

Spanish designers Cristina Regidor and Arturo Moreno worked in collaboration to create ‘Long Animals’, a cool set of wooden block toys.

Tessere Olive Oil Packaging Design by Constantin Bolimond

Mooncake Packaging Design by Zhu Chao

Art Sponge: Branding & Packaging Concept by Lesha Limonov

Branding & Graphic Design by Sean Huang

Mellow Yellow — Color Inspiration No.3

Kankel Cacao Packaging Design by TSMGO

Packaging Design by Fibra

Meadowlark Playing Cards by Russ Gray

Branding & Packaging Design by Alejandro Gavancho

Beautiful Packaging Design by Morillas

Double Negative Brewery Branding by Kezia Gabriella

Laroché Chocolate Packaging by Martin Naumann

Packaging Designs by Projet Noir

Feeling Blue? — Color Inspiration No.2

Brix Branding & Packaging by Yungbld Studio

Roasting Masters Identity & Packaging Design by CFC

OPPO Mooncake Packaging Design by Isabelle Lin

Lucky Red Envelopes by I Chyi Chang

Dwayne Gretzky: Typographic Album Covers by Studio io

Soapbottle: Zero-Waste Packaging Design by Jonna Breitenhuber

Shang Lin Yuan Tea Packaging by Pica Lab

Beautiful Packaging Design by WWAVE

Space: Spice Packaging Concept by Unblvbl

Endy Chow Album Packaging Design by Fundamental

198 results found. Showing page 1 of 7.

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