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Odecraft Studio Branding by Gustavo Souza

Brazilian designer Gustavo Souza created this simple yet powerful brand identity for Odecraft, a design based in São Paulo.

Logo Design Collection by Vadim Carazan

Vadim Carazan is a graphic designer and brand strategist based in Romania.

Celero Branding by João Marcos & Dalini Arte

Powerful branding work by Brazilian designers João Marcos & Dalini Arte for Celero Networks, a telecom company based in Panama.

Branding & Graphic Design by Antonio Calvino

Nice selection of recent work by Italian graphic designer Antonio Calvino.

Kyoto Coffee Roasters Branding & Packaging by FLOV

Polish studio FLOV designed this eye-catching brand identity and packaging design set for Kyoto Coffee Roasters, a company specializing in specialty coffee roasting and cold brew coffee production.

Handcrafted Lettering & Signage by Ged Palmer

Fantastic selection of work by Ged Palmer, a British designer who specializes in custom lettering.

Troy Goodall Branding by Fuman Design

Universum Branding by Balsamstudio

Mortal Media Branding by Matt Stevens

Kill Devil Branding by Human

Meister Branding by Tough Slate Design

Brix Branding & Packaging by Yungbld Studio

Roasting Masters Identity & Packaging Design by CFC

Famous logos cleverly redesigned

Fugu Fish Bar Branding by Hue Studio

Daily Mail Rebranding Concept by Miklós Kiss

MOTIV Branding by Patryk Hardziej

Coexist Records Brand Identity by Human

Logo Designs by Adolfo Teixeira

Hush Music Festival Branding by Untitled Macao

20 Clever Negative Space Logo Designs

What’s behind a logo? ‘Building a Brand’ Series by The Futur

Tricycle Roastery Packaging by Sergio Laskin Agency

Spasso Restaurant Branding by Mantra Studio

Longtooth Gin Branding & Packaging by Greg Coulton

Barber’s Hop Beer Packaging Design by Double D Creative

Logo Design & Brand Identity Work by Wells Collins

TruequeLab Branding & Packaging Design by Monotypo Studio

Enko Tecnologia Branding by Vibri

Logo Designs by Mase Berg

216 results found. Showing page 1 of 8.

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