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Meister Branding by Tough Slate Design

Ukrainian agency Tough Slate Design was responsible for the logo design and identity for Meister, an initiative by the German government providing new opportunities for professional education in war-torn communities.

Laroché Chocolate Packaging by Martin Naumann

German designer Martin Naumann created this vibrant chocolate packaging concept for Laroché a confectionery company from Lithaunia.

Comence x TypeType Fonts Collection

Comence Studio worked in collaboration with TypeType to create a set of three sans-serif font families (TT Norms Pro, TT Commons and TT Hoves), all beautifully presented in sleek type specimen books.

Great Book Cover Designs – The Bookcase No.3

If you’re anything like us, sometimes you do buy a book (or two) just because that cover looks so damn good. Here are some of our favorites this month.

Packaging Designs by Projet Noir

Great selection of packaging design work by Projet Noir, a boutique creative agency operating from Malta, focusing on branding, design and digital.

Brix Branding & Packaging by Yungbld Studio

Florida-based studio Yungbld was commissioned to design this fresh brand identity for Brix, an innovative moscato brand.

Roasting Masters Identity & Packaging Design by CFC

Age of Union: Art Book by Baillat Studio

OPPO Mooncake Packaging Design by Isabelle Lin

Branding & Graphic Design by Pacifica

Lucky Red Envelopes by I Chyi Chang

Dwayne Gretzky: Typographic Album Covers by Studio io

Shang Lin Yuan Tea Packaging by Pica Lab

Fugu Fish Bar Branding by Hue Studio

Daily Mail Rebranding Concept by Miklós Kiss

MOTIV Branding by Patryk Hardziej

Beautiful Packaging Design by WWAVE

Illustrations & Graphic Design by Tomasz Wozniakowski

Great Book Cover Designs – The Bookcase No.2

The Undivided Five: Graphics & Art Direction by Davy Evans

Lettering Artworks by Nubikini

Join the Conversation: Campaign by Niceshit Studio

Vintage Japanese Style Graphics & Illustrations by Paiheme

Branding & Graphic Design by Chia-Lin Wu

Space: Spice Packaging Concept by Unblvbl

Graphic Design & Illustrations by Cinthya Álvarez

Endy Chow Album Packaging Design by Fundamental

Suka Branding by Mai Creative & Yes Open

Exquisite Packaging Design by Chad Michael Studio

Gig Posters by Nicholas Moegly

726 results found. Showing page 1 of 25.

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