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Alform Packaging Design by Redo Bureau

Moscow-based studio Redo Bureau designed this clean packaging set for Alform, a brand of health supplements.

Taylor & Smith Branding & Packaging by Megan Perkins

Australian art director and designer Megan Perkins produced this beautiful minimalist branding for Taylor & Smith, a small independent, artisan distillery.

Foil Catalogue by Flowing Design

Taiwan-based studio Flowing Design worked in collaboration with Lih Yang Foil to produce this stunning catalogue documenting foil stamping techniques and experimental applications.

Troy Goodall Branding by Fuman Design

New Zealand studio Fuman Design was responsible for this sleek personal identity for local photographer Troy Goodall.

Book Covers by Cyla Costa

Gorgeous selection of book covers by Brazilian artist and designer Cyla Costa.

Rethink Everything: Editorial Promotion by Neenah Paper

Premium paper company Neenah engaged Washington-based studio Design Army and expert printers Studio on Fire to produce this fantastic editorial promotion.

Vintage Bookstore Branding by Toro Pinto

Packaging Design by Ben Galbraith

Dessert Book: Art Direction & Illustrations by Miklós Kiss

Beautiful Minds: Exhibition Graphics by Cheng Peng

Universum Branding by Balsamstudio

Canada Post Formula 1 Stamps by Paprika

Kololak Wine Packaging Design by Backbone

Halo Brewery Branding & Packaging by Underline

L’ADN Trends: Editorial Design by Violaine & Jeremy

Less is More: Editorial Design by Frank Lo

The Bird Project by Erik Berglin

Vestre Lookbook 2020 by Tank

Hong Kong Little Kitchen Branding by Serious Studio

Tessere Olive Oil Packaging Design by Constantin Bolimond

Mortal Media Branding by Matt Stevens

Mooncake Packaging Design by Zhu Chao

Art Sponge: Branding & Packaging Concept by Lesha Limonov

Domus Nova Branding & Magazine by Marka

Branding & Graphic Design by Sean Huang

Graphic Design Projects by Studio Mut

Origen México: Editorial Design by Blok

Great Book Cover Designs – The Bookcase No.4

Good Movies As Old Books by Matt Stevens

Packaging Design by Fibra

762 results found. Showing page 1 of 26.

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