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Beautiful Lettering Murals by Emmy Star Brown

Emmy Star Brown is an incredibly versatile artist based in Chicago who has spent the last decade creating dynamic and sprawling works that breathe life into walls and urban spaces.

Fun 3D Illustrations by Michael Santin

Michael Santin is a talented 3D artist from Brazil who crafts playful and imaginative digital illustrations.

Mikino: A Geometric Tribute by Carolina Melis

“Mikino” is the latest creative project by talented illustrator and art director Carolina Melis, featuring a captivating collection of artworks inspired by an iconic character.

Slanted Magazine #43: Ukraine

Slanted Magazine’s 43rd issue is a powerful testament to the resilience and creativity of Ukraine’s design community.

Mesmerizing Tulle Sculptures by Benjamin Shine

British artist Benjamin Shine creates captivating sculptures and art installations using a unique material.

Gorgeous Glass Pieces by Charlie Macpherson

Charlie Macpherson is a UK-based artist who creates striking contemporary hand-blown glass pieces.

Dynamic NBA Collages by Arham Haq

Powerful Abstract Pop Art Paintings by Gabriele Serrini

Attix Brand Identity by Interbrand

Between Blocks: Geometric Artworks by Santiago Oddis

Enigmatic Illustrations by JiHun Lee

Out of This World: Photos by Ben Simon Rehn

Nature-Inspired Murals by Thomas Turner

Fragmented Creatures: Illustrations by Andreas Preis

Transfiguration: Striking Digital Illustrations by Billelis

On Hamburg’s Sunny Side: Photos by Alexander Schoenberg

Cute Horror: 3D Illustrations by Danil YAD

The Sound of Words: Editorial Design by YuJian Huang

Color Notion: Realistic Oil Paintings by Javier Banegas

Eighties Excess: Nostalgia-Infused Artwork by AKBERLIN

Bold & Dynamic Illustrations by Janis Andzans

Cryptic Colorations: Sculptures by Brit Bunkley

Neon-Soaked Comics: Striking Artworks by Kongkee

Wild Collages by Guillermo Flores Pacheco

Hyper-Saturated Mixed Media Artworks by Amani Lewis

Evocative Illustrated Portraits by Irina Nart

Graffiti on Canvas: Vibrant Artworks by Sébastien Theys

VHS Tape Poster Collection by Xavier Esclusa Trias

Catlendar: A Feline Calendar by Magnane & Cher Ami

Candy Minimal: Colorful Photography by Matt Crump

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