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Fantastic Three-Dimensional Lettering by Lex Wilson

Recent work by the incredibly talented lettering artist Lex Wilson.

Amazing Sculptures by James Jean

In the past, we’ve featured a number of paintings and illustrations by Taiwanese artist James Jean, and it’s no surprise that his sculptural work is just as incredible.

Negative Space Paintings by Jarek Puczel

Polish artist Jarek Puczel combines clever use of negative space with precise brush strokes to produce impressive paintings.

New Plasticine Sculptures by Irma Gruenholz

Recent work by Spanish artist Irma Gruenholz.

Alform Packaging Design by Redo Bureau

Moscow-based studio Redo Bureau designed this clean packaging set for Alform, a brand of health supplements.

White Upland: Art Installation by Wutopia Lab

Chinese studio Wutopia Lab was commissioned by Shanghai Huijian to design this sprawling art installation as the welcoming stage for their sales centre.

Lettering Creations by Guasca Studio

Illustrations by Chamo San

Winter Mountains: Landscape Photos by Juraj Slota

Taylor & Smith Branding & Packaging by Megan Perkins

Abstract Realities: Artworks by Philip Lück

Pop Culture Illustrations by Leandro Cruzes

Realistic Paintings by Vishnu

Happy Moving Day: Creative Photos by Simon Duhamel

Unearthed: Subway Photos by Pygmalion Karatzas

Illustrations by Maria Menshikova

Creative Typography by Raffaele Micillo

More Real Toons by Mohamed Halawany

Handcrafted Lettering & Signage by Ged Palmer

Foil Catalogue by Flowing Design

Surreal Portrait Paintings by Rafael Silveira

India: Photos by Hugo Santarem

Illustrations by Maria Surducan

Vehicle Sculptures by Benedetto Bufalino

Surreal Portraits by Aykut Aydogdu

Organic Digital Art by Ari Weinkle

Troy Goodall Branding by Fuman Design

Travel & Architecture Photography by Tom Leighton

Book Covers by Cyla Costa

Illustrated Portraits by Joe Morse

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