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Paper Artworks by Melissa Arbelaez

A self-described ‘dreamer’, Colombian artist and motion designer Melissa Arbelaez creates clever illustrations and stop-motion pieces out of paper.

Motion Design & Illustrations by Colin Hesterly

Cool selection of illustration and animation projects by Colin Hesterly, an award-winning artist and director based in LA.

All things red — Color Inspiration No.1

Color is one of the most important aspects of design. In this new series we celebrate powerful hues, unique combinations and interesting palettes.

Mexico from Above: Photos by Dimitar Karanikolov

UK-based architect and photographer Dimitar Karanikolov captured these amazing aerial shots and footage while traveling through some of Mexico’s most iconic destinations such as Tulum, Chichen Itza, Oaxaca and Puerto Escondido.

Looking for inspiration? Follow these Instagram accounts

Make your Instagram feed a lot cooler by following these inspiring creatives.

Get into the Halloween spirit with these spooky animated GIFs

Halloween is just around the corner – have you carved your pumpkin yet? Here are some cool little animated loops to get you into the spooky mood.

Environmental Illusions: Anamorphic Art by Truly

Sweet User Interface Animations – Smooth Transitions No.1

ESPN Illustrations & Motion Design by Lobster

15 Awesome Stranger Things-Inspired Artworks

Cool Animated Loops – Poetry in Motion No.1

Orion’s Time for Crime Music Video by Robotina

Loneliness: Short Film by Kurzgesagt

Spooky Loops: Animated Halloween Stories by Toast

Aluminum House by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

Beautiful Portraits by Fern Berresford

Paper Artworks by DOTMOT

Flow: Amazing Fabric Sculptures by Benjamin Shine

Intricate Illustrations by Mr. Misang

Trident Trilogy Campaign by Claudio Araos Marincovic

RRR 2: Amazing Digital Comic by Plastiek

Shadowology: Creative Artworks by Vincent Bal

Bad Tube Etiquette: 3D Artworks by Design Lad

Glass Sculptures by László Lukácsi

Senna, in the heart of Brazil: Animated Short by Le Cube

Klarna Smooth Scenarios by Snask

Melissa Star Walker Campaign by Casa Darwin

Summer Cocktails: Paper Illustrations by Get It Studio

Specter: Coachella Valley Art Installation by Sterling Ruby

Space Struggle: Cool Animations by Jan Sladecko

464 results found. Showing page 1 of 16.

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