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A’ Design Award & Competition 23/24: Call for Submissions

The annual A’ Design Award & Competition is known as one of the largest, most prestigious, and influential accolades in the design world. It recognizes…

Expired Architecture: Photos by Dimitar Karanikolov

“Expired Architecture” is an interest series by Dimitar Karanikolov, an architect with a passion for travel and aerial photography.

Striking Architectural Concepts by Alexander Zhidkov

Ukrainian architect Alexander Zhidkov infuses his designs with a unique blend of modern aesthetics and traditional elements to produce extraordinary architectural concepts.

Metasequoia Grove Restaurant: A Harmonious Blend of Nature and Architecture

The Metasequoia Grove Restaurant, designed by the Chinese studio Group of Architects, seamlessly integrates nature and architecture to create an enchanting dining experience.

Celebrating Architectural Excellence: 20 Winners from the A’ Design Awards

A glimpse into some of the winning projects from previous editions of the A’ Design Awards. From awe-inspiring skyscrapers to innovative residential spaces, these architects have left us spellbound with their creativity and vision.

Chapel of Sound by Open Architecture

The Chapel of Sound is a fascinating project by Open Architecture, nestled in a mountainous valley near Chengde, a historic town northeast of Beijing, China.

Beauty of Architecture: Photos by Milan Chudoba

Abandoned Theatres: Photo Series by Ben Geier

A’Design Awards 2024 launches early call for entries

Symmetropolis: Architectural Photos by Boluddha

White Wings House by M2 Architectural Group

Fish Market: A High Contrast Multipurpose Space by Ab Rogers Design

Milk Bun Restaurant by Rabih Geha Architects

A’ Design Awards 2023 Winners Announced

House of Light: Futuristic Architectural Concept by Amin Moazzen

D Fin House by Craig Steely Architecture

Xi Garden Art Office by Plat Asia

Distorted Architecture: Digital Artworks by Tomasz Artur Bolek

Dynamic Architectural Photos by Martin Foddanu

A’ Design Award & Competition: Final Call for Submissions

A’ Design Award & Competition: Call for Entries

Neglected Elegance: Photos of Abandoned Places by Janine Pendleton

4 Colors: Architectural Photos by Boluddha

World Design Rankings 2022 Announced

Architectural Geometry: Photos by Zsolt Hlinka

Temple of Boom: A Vivid Tribute to The Parthenon

Bert: Treehouse Living by Studio Precht

50 Most Endangered Buildings of USA: Illustrations by Aga Wieckowska

Orange Crush — Color Inspiration No.6

Architectural Photography by Pete Sieger

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