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Gorgeous Wine Labels by Jordan Jelev

Jordan Jelev is a Bulgarian graphic designer specializing in wine labels and packaging design.

Handmade Paper Illustrations & Design by Katarzyna Zapart

Clever paper creations by Barcelona-based graphic designer Katarzyna Zapart.

Lesso Home Branding by Meng Zhang

Sydney-based brand strategist and designer Meng Zhang was responsible for creating this bright identity and collateral for Lesso Home, a multinational building materials supplier.

Intricate Label Designs & Lettering by Martin Schmetzer

Stockholm-based designer Martin Schmetzer applies hand-lettering and illustration techniques to produce meticulously detailed beverage label designs.

Greenspired — Color Inspiration No.4

In this edition of our color series we celebrate everything green, the most natural, positive and refreshing of colors.

Patterns: Art Installations by Daniel Buren

Daniel Buren is a French artist best known for his eye catching art installations that cleverly combine colors, light and geometry.

Skaträ Branding by Comence Studio

Rocket Agency Branding by Pop & Pac

Noskin Clothing Company Graphics by Kal Greasley

Kris Sowersby: The Art of Letters Book

Filema Rodion Branding by Luminous

Le Culte Magazine: Art Direction & Design by Maude Turgeon

Zest Branding & Packaging by Pop & Pac

Folhadinha Branding & Packaging by André Candeloro

Crane Branding by Collins

Branding & Graphic Design by Polar

Negative Space Logos by Allan Peters

Airgraft Branding & Packaging by Commission

Creative Beer Labels by Mireldy

Snobby Knobby Whisky: Packaging Design by Galima & Pavla

XVL Branding by Hoet & Hoet

Paper Visuals & Motion Design by CID & Vébé

Post Truth: Editorial Design by Bo-Wei Wang

Packaging Design by Wing Yang

Clever Antonym Typography by Yash Mathur

Filipino Cuisine: Editorial Design by Ezequiel Cafaro

Face it: Art Project & Editorial Design by Luísa Dias

Logo Designs by Mubariz Yusifzade

Typographic Creations by Andrew Footit

Red Lantern: Lunar New Year Gift by Wang Xiong

1153 results found. Showing page 1 of 39.

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