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Lettering Creations by Jonathan Ortiz

Nice selection of lettering work by Ecuadorian graphic designer Jonathan Ortiz.

Halo Brewery Branding & Packaging by Underline

Toronto-based studio Underline was commissioned by local brewery Halo to produce this colorful geometric brand identity and packaging design set.

L’ADN Trends: Editorial Design by Violaine & Jeremy

French studio Violaine & Jeremy was the creative force behind the beautiful art direction and editorial design for the 2020 edition of L’ADN Trends, an annual magazine focused on upcoming trends and innovation.

Less is More: Editorial Design by Frank Lo

Hong Kong-based designer Frank Lo was commissioned by Viction:ary to create this gorgeous publication collating 120 projects that effectively use a limited color palette to produce outstanding visual results.

The Last of Us Fan Art Collection

Here are some of the coolest artworks inspired by Naughty Dog’s latest game, ‘The Last of Us Part 2’.

The Bird Project by Erik Berglin

Stockholm-based artist Erik Berglin spent 12 years traveling through cities around the world and wheat-pasting almost 5,000 hand cut images of birds in their natural size.

Lettering Creations by Gabriele Conoscenti

Alternative Soccer Jerseys by Jaime Cañas

Shapes & Colors: Geometric Artworks by Matt W. Moore

Vestre Lookbook 2020 by Tank

Artistic Lettering: 15 examples to inspire you

Hong Kong Little Kitchen Branding by Serious Studio

Tessere Olive Oil Packaging Design by Constantin Bolimond

Mortal Media Branding by Matt Stevens

Mooncake Packaging Design by Zhu Chao

Art Sponge: Branding & Packaging Concept by Lesha Limonov

Domus Nova Branding & Magazine by Marka

Branding & Graphic Design by Sean Huang

Graphic Design Projects by Studio Mut

Origen México: Editorial Design by Blok

Great Book Cover Designs – The Bookcase No.4

Mellow Yellow — Color Inspiration No.3

Collage Artworks by Christian Barthold

Kankel Cacao Packaging Design by TSMGO

Good Movies As Old Books by Matt Stevens

Packaging Design by Fibra

Kill Devil Branding by Human

Fantastic Illustrated Artworks by Sonia Alins

KFC Hot & Spicy Campaign by Ogilvy

Meadowlark Playing Cards by Russ Gray

1060 results found. Showing page 1 of 36.

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