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Beautiful Lettering Murals by Emmy Star Brown

Emmy Star Brown is an incredibly versatile artist based in Chicago who has spent the last decade creating dynamic and sprawling works that breathe life into walls and urban spaces.

Slanted Magazine #43: Ukraine

Slanted Magazine’s 43rd issue is a powerful testament to the resilience and creativity of Ukraine’s design community.

Attix Brand Identity by Interbrand

Mattos Filho, one of the largest law firms in Latin America, sought the expertise of Interbrand to develop the new branding for Attix, their innovative legaltech service.

The Sound of Words: Editorial Design by YuJian Huang

In her conceptual book “The Sound of Words,” art director and designer YuJian Huang delves into the visual portrayal of sound through intriguing typography and composition experiments.

Bold Lettering Creations by Emmelylaura

Emmelylaura is a self-taught lettering artist and graphic designer from The Netherlands who creates striking typographic pieces.

Space Odyssey: Typographic Illustrations by Axel Vincent

“Space Odyssey” is a fun series of typographic illustrations by French digital artist Axel Vincent.

Awesome Old-School Graphics by Kal Greasley

Exploring the Intersection of AI & Typography in “Aesthetic Imperfections”

Playful Lettering Creations by Daniel Brokstad

Reframed Branding by Kurka Studio

Incredible Typographic Artworks by eltipo

Gorgeous Lettering Creations by Novia Jonatan

Bold & Bright Lettering Artworks by Finn Reville

Exploring the Most Beautiful Book Ever Designed: The Kelmscott Chaucer Online

At Briega: A New Typeface by Arillatype Studio

Experimental 3D Typography by George Stoyanov

Beautiful Editorial Design Projects by Brooke Rodriguez

10 Essential Tools for Digital Marketers in 2024

Striking Lettering Artworks by Jonathan Ortiz

24 Best Fonts to Make an Impact in 2024

Hand-Lettering Creations by Marc Sirus

Waffle House Rebranding by Luminous

You Are My Type Vol.1: Typographic Experiments by Mario Carpe

Striking Alcohol Packaging by Chad Michael Studio

Embroidered Lettering Art by Olga Kovalenko

Fantastic Typographic Artworks by Andrew Footit

Truflé Vegan Chocolate Branding by Vogau Studio

Wonderful Lettering Creations by Cyla Costa

Yearbook of Lettering #1 by Slanted

Three-Dimensional Lettering Artworks by Biksence Nguyen

905 results found. Showing page 1 of 31.

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