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Paperlike’s iPad Folio Case replicates the look & feel of your favorite notebook

The Paperlike Folio Case is the latest addition to the company’s premium product line, expanding on their mission to bring a warmer, more tactile feel to digital experiences.

A’ Design Awards 2023 Winners Announced

The A’ Design Award & Competition, one of the world’s largest design accolades, just announced the results of its 2022/2023 competition.

Portable Productivity: Mobile Pixels Duex Plus Laptop Monitor Review

Using a multiple monitor setup is one of the best ways to improve efficiency. When I’m away from my main working desk, however, this is something that can be hard to replicate. That’s why I was curious when I heard about the Mobile Pixels Duex Plus.

Aerial Firework Dreams: Captivating Photo Series by Jadikan

French artist Jadikan has recently produced a breathtaking new series of photographs called “Phénomènes” / Aerial Firework Dreams.

Effortless 3D: Womp Makes 3D Designs Easy (& Free) for Everyone

With the goal of making 3D accessible for everyone, a team of artists, designers and engineers developed Womp – a highly intuitive web-based 3D design software geared towards allowing anyone to effortlessly produce 3D-print-ready creations.

Having trouble with Webflow? Find the perfect solution with Flowie

There’s no doubt Webflow is a fantastic tool for anyone looking to create a website without any coding skills required. But sometimes you might run into problems and it can be tricky to find a solution. Flowie is a platform that was created to help you overcome any Webflow challenge.

The Greenhouse Series: Aerial Photos by Tom Hegen

Spellbinding Luminokinetic Creations by Bardula

Minimalist Product & Industrial Design by SWNA

Figma to Webflow Plugin: A dream come true for designers

The Digital Artist Toolbox: Must-Have Tools for Digital Creators

The Best Device Mockup Templates for 2023 & Beyond

Koenigsegg RAW Concept by Esa Mustonen

Peacock Fan: Product Design by Dongwook Yang & Agnes Boyoon

Cute Product Design by MUID

Futuristic Vehicle Concepts by Connery Xu

Vintage Tech Renders by Jason Zigrino

Light Art Installations by Florian Bruggisser

TD-MP1 Electric Moped by Torkel Dohmers

Flying & Driving Machines: Digital Art by Elliot Brett

LEO Coupe: The Electric Flying Car

Aptera: The “Never Charge” Solar Electric Vehicle

Never Ending Content: Digital Art by Ben Fearnley

Animal Land: Clever Product Design by S2VICTOR

H6 Julietta Concept Car by Lee Rosario

CanguRo: AI-powered Robot & Vehicle by fuRo

Mercedes-Benz Vision Duet Concept by Lujie Huang

Turbulence: Immersive Art Installation by Melt

Salaff C2 Supercar: Photos by Benedict Redgrove

The Search of the Glow: Art Installation by Ling-Li Tseng

145 results found. Showing page 1 of 5.

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