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Sleek Furniture Designs by João Teixeira

João Teixeira is an award-winning product and industrial designer based in Guimarães, Portugal.

Lighting & Furniture Design by Charles Kalpakian

Unique creations by Lebanese industrial designer Charles Kalpakian.

Cute Product Design by MUID

Cool selection of quirky household products created by MUID, a design-driven brand based in Xiamen, China.

Highly Detailed Miniatures by Akara Studio

Thailand-based studio Akara creates minuscule vehicle models with incredible precision and attention to detail.

Monoliths: Sculptural Furniture Designs by Hongjie Yang

Netherlands-based artist Hongjie Yang explores the connection between natural and artificial in these exquisite furniture designs.

Art Toys & Character Designs by Flat Wave

Cool designer toys and character designs by Beijing-based studio Flat Wave.

Vintage Tech Renders by Jason Zigrino

Artistic Furniture Designs by Harow

Ombré Glass Chair by Germans Ermics

Squiggly Chairs by Wilkinson & Rivera

Creative Glass Decanters by Charlie Matz

Halloween 2021 Shopping Guide

Creative Furniture & Lighting Design by Masquespacio

Minimal Pets: Product Design by Geonwoo Kim

Animal Land: Clever Product Design by S2VICTOR

Graffiti Bstrds: Custom Toys by Greg Dmnt

Unique Furniture Design by Artefatto

Cosmos Spaceship Building Blocks by Pinn

Stretch Clock: Product Design by Nicholas Baker

New Art Toys by Mr. Mitote

Handcrafted Animal Wooden Toys by Archabits

The Blastercaster: Sci-Fi Guitar Concept by Allan Williams

Agua Bendita Branding & Packaging by Futura

Art Toys by Buwon Seo

The Porcelain Guitar by Tomáš Havel

Lightning Lamp by Jiyoun Kim

Long Animals: Toy Design by Cristina Regidor & Arturo Moreno

Art Sponge: Branding & Packaging Concept by Lesha Limonov

Product & Industrial Design by Permafrost

Waves: Fluid Furniture Designs by Parametric

217 results found. Showing page 1 of 8.

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