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Product & Industrial Design by Antoine Beynel

French industrial designer Antoine Beynel explores interesting product concepts including a dedicated VR headset for the Nintendo Switch and a smart device designed to help improve the mobility of Parkinson’s disease patients.

The Best Tech Gifts of 2019

We’ve rounded up the coolest tech gadgets this year (so far) and with Black Friday just around the corner, there’s no better time to get the perfect gift for Christmas.

Halloween Cubes: Art Toys by Kimparks Lab

To celebrate Halloween, South Korean studio Kimparks Lab created this cool series of cube-shaped ghosts, pumpkins and monster toys.

The best way to play your old Game Boy cartridges is coming in 2020

Analogue Pocket is a portable multi-video-game-system. There’s never been a better way to play your old handheld games.

Industrial Design Concepts by Simon Galansky

Interesting design pieces and concepts by talented Slovakian industrial designer Simon Galansky, including the ‘Sinuo Chair’, ‘Koki Light’ and ‘Barstool SG 2/2’. Simon is currently…

Nintendo Flex: The Game Boy Redesigned by YJ Yoon

California-based South Korean designer YJ Yoon created this fantastic concept for the ‘Nintendo Flex’, a portable gaming device inspired by the classic Game Boy handheld.…

Vintage Hollywood Movie Lights by John Scarpati

TMNT Infinity: 3D Illustrations by David González

The Planet Chairs by MZPA

Solstice: Kinetic Clock by Animaro

Creative Lighting Design by Rrudi

Wooden Stories: 3D Artworks by Mat Szulik

Cool Pop Culture Sculptures by Danny Tran

First Gear: Beautiful RC Vehicles by V2 Studios

Primitive Tools Redesigned by Ami Drach & Dov Ganchrow

Toy Design by Seman10cm

Product Design by Offject

Weird World Cup: Illustrated beer coasters for a good cause

MODU TV Ecosystem by Pedro Gomes Design

Awesome Toy Design by Liam Sopp

Ash Desk by Pavel Vetrov

NIKE Cruiser Board by Jaehyuk Lim

Classic: Braun-inspired Typeface by Gao Yang

Img: Digital Camera Concept by Abidur Chowdhury

Mena Collection: Gorgeous Sofa & Armchair by FrancoCrea

The Micro Wallet by Elad Burko

Nintendo Super Famigun Concept by Allan Williams

Stranger Times: Exquisite Watch by Stranger & Stranger

The Pi Bike by Tadas Maksimovas & Martijn Koomen

Conceptual Product Design by Florian Renner

183 results found. Showing page 1 of 7.

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