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Water Wigs: Photo Series by Tim Tadder

LA-based photographer Tim Tadder captured impressive shots of bald men getting pounded with water balloons on the head.

“The technical aspects of the wig photos are tricky. Capturing the difference between a balloon exploding in the right place and the wrong place comes down to just milliseconds. Even the minuscule amount of shutter delay on the Nikon D800 Tadder was using could interfere with capturing the peak action, so he decided to use a bulb exposure with the shutter left open.

To do this, however, he had to make his studio completely dark and freeze the action with a high-speed flash firing at one ten-thousandth of a second. Not surprisingly, it took a while to get things right.”

via Paranoias via Wired Tim Tadder’s website

Art Photography Posted on August 29, 2012
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