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Utopian Dystopian: Animated Type by Alex Trochut & Pablo Lozano

‘Utopian’ is an animated typeface designed by Alex Trochut and animated by Pablo Lozano.

“Influenced by the work of Mondrian, Sol Lewitt and De Stijl, Utopian is a highly graphic, modular type with animations to match. Flourishes are kept to a minimum and focus lays on primary shapes. Each character builds up from a rectangle shape that compliments the simplicity and boldness of the typeface, while bringing an interesting and surprising way of revealing each glyph.

Static Version – Utopian, and it’s mono-colored counterpart Dystopian, are available at Sudtipos as static type families with a wide variety of complementing styles.”

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Graphic Design Illustration Typography Video & Motion Posted on May 2, 2019
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