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Urban Calligraphy “Skyfall” featuring Simon Silaidis

“Skyfall” is a new short film by Designwars featuring the impressive calligraphy work of Simon Silaidis, the man behind the “Urban Calligraphy” movement.

“Living in times that hope seems to have lost its meaning and mankind walks in paths of uncertainty and hate, Simon finds hope in the skyfall. His calligraphy leads him through inner peace and serenity to the path of wisdom, from the free skies to a free fall in the urban surroundings we have to endure. In a pure and magical way he manages to entrap us to his world of letters with one purpose, to convey his message of change and hope crashing the black era that has emerged. A better world is possible.”

Simon Silaidis on Flickr Designwars’ website

Art Typography Video & Motion Posted on May 15, 2013
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