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Urban Beehive Concept by Philips

Sleek urban beehive concept by Philips.

“Five years ago, honeybee colonies started dying off. No one knows why. Some theories point to the impact of pesticide use or the Israeli Acute Paralysis Virus, which is transmitted by a Varooa mite. Whatever the cause, it’s bad news for bees and the crops they pollinate. Oddly enough, bees are doing better in cities than in the countryside (which may shed light on the cause of their disappearance) and some urban dwellers have begun keeping bees to help stem their decline. Seizing on the trend, Philips recently unveiled an at-home hive, allowing anyone (anyone, that is, who isn’t deathly allergic to bee stings) the ability to harvest fresh honey from their window.”

via Fast Company Philips Urban Beehive

Industrial Design Product Design Technology Posted on November 8, 2011
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