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Uppsala Festival Poster & Promo by Viktor Hertz

Swedish graphic designer and filmmaker Viktor Hertz produced this clever poster and promotional video for the 2018 edition of the Uppsala International Short Film Festival. He explains the complicated process behind his creation.

“The most painstaking and complicated part was to arrange about 100 meters of tubes on the wooden board, pulling them through the holes and also twirling them around each other, to make a balanced and technically functioning design.

Also, filming the colours running through the tubes was tricky, as I didn’t have a clue where the colour actually would turn up in this mess, sometimes. Moving lamps and sucking colour through the tubes at the same time didn’t make it easier. But, it was probably the most fun and challenging project I’ve done, so far.”

More graphic design via Behance

Art Graphic Design Illustration Print Design Video & Motion Posted on October 9, 2018
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