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Trident Trilogy Campaign by Claudio Araos Marincovic

Art director, designer and illustrator Claudio Araos Marincovic was commissioned by Dentyne to create this impressive campaign, rebranding their products for the Chilean market.

“This was a part of a great rebranding campaign to transform Dentyne into Trident in Chile, produced with my friends from This is how different characters, from one day to another, simply wake up one morning being others. A man dawns by being invisible, an otaku girl discovers that she is a lucky cat, and another guy who is a lipstick, enjoying this unexpected change in their lives just as happened to Dentyne, who awoke being Trident.

It was a nice challenge to be in charge of the art direction, the character design and the illustration of the scenes for the three commercials of this campaign, working on a some funny look born of the mix between old fashioned comic styles, something of MTV and a subtle touch of Adult Swim as inspiration.”

Illustration support by Tarik Diaz (Lucky Cat – Lipstick).

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Advertising Art Illustration Video & Motion Posted on September 13, 2019
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