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The Micro Wallet by Elad Burko

After two successful Kickstarter campaigns, Paperwallet® is back with a new project, the Micro Wallet – an ultra-slim RFID protected wallet made from Tyvek®, designed with awesome artwork from artists around the world.

“We designed the Micro Wallet with precision to the micro-millimeter with the goal of creating the slimmest & smallest wallet physically possible, without compromising functionality! The wallet starts out as thin as a credit card and as you insert cash and cards it will expand to fit your needs. It will only ever be as thick as what’s inside.

Despite its small size, this new wallet perfectly fits your cash and up to 8 credit cards. The Card Wallet is made using Tyvek®, an eco-friendly and lightweight material that was specially selected for its strength, durability, and water-resistance. Full RFID protection ensures that all your personal information is kept safe and secure.”

You can get yours through Kickstarter.

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Graphic Design Illustration Product Design Video & Motion Posted on March 26, 2018
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