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The Colour of Glass: Photos by Damon Hunter

Great series by Damon Hunter, a fine art photographer based in Melbourne.

“Damon finished shooting The Colour of Glass in 2013 and says, ‘I was looking for buildings that made interesting use of glass, whether it be for something as seemingly simple as windows in an apartment building, to complex designs worked into the structure itself.’

However, Damon was looking for more than that; every location had to have four elements; straight lines, angles, symmetry – and colour. For Hunter, one of the most rewarding elements of shooting for the collection was seeing the beauty in everyday locations that others walked past and took no notice of. And in line with his credo of not adding anything to a scene, Damon states, ‘I never added colour, I only brought out what was already there.'”

More photography Visit his website

Art Photography Posted on June 15, 2014
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