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Starry Router UI Design by The Collected Works

Starry is a sleek touchscreen router that was launched last year, making waves in the tech industry. The team at The Collected Works (previously featured here) was responsible for the UI design, animation and art direction for the product.

“The Starry team came to us with a bold challenge, ‘we want you to visualize the internet’. We told them that might be NSFW, but we’ll see what we can do. They had a great mission, Starry wanted their users to control and understand their Wi-Fi like never before. They were doing this by building a powerful router with a touchscreen display–one that would be beautiful enough to put on your desk and simple enough for our mom to use. No more blinking lights to decode, just a better way to stay connected to the things users love.”

Find out more on their website

Product Design Technology UI Design Video & Motion Posted on November 21, 2016
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