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Sign Language: Vintage Sign Photos by Marc Shur

“Sign Language” is an impres­sive collection of vin­tage sig­nage pho­tos by LA-based designer Marc Shur.

“I’ve always been drawn to old things—the worn, the distressed, the forgotten. Many of the signs I’ve photographed are virtually invisible to most people. They pass them every day but they don’t really see them. Their colors have faded, their paint is peeling and they can’t compete with all the new, shiny things around them.

But old signs have a history and they can tell a story that no Wal-Mart or Taco Bell sign can. They were once works of art themselves done by designers like me. They were landmarks and guideposts, promising a cold beer, a good meal or even a good time. They helped define a street, a neighborhood and an era. They had power. As a photographer, I want to give them a second life, pull them out of the past and elevate them once again to a place of distinction and even grandeur.”

– Marc Shur

via Design Work Life

Photography Typography Posted on July 17, 2013
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