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SC99 Renderoom by Serial Cut

‘SC99’ is the 20th anniversary campaign for iconic design studio Serial Cut (previously featured here and here). To celebrate the occasion, they are producing three pieces of content – ‘Book, Film and Talk.’

“On 9.9.19 we will publish our book, release our full film and start our talks tour on the SC99 project in its entirety. ‘Til this date arrives, we’ll post new content monthly, introducing the characters and rooms, book covers, behind the scenes, trailers and teasers.”

‘Vidia’ is the first character for the campaign and Renderoom the first environment from the SC99 Film.

“Confident, calm and curious Vidia Ray recently graduated from the Hi-Res College at the top of her class scoreboard. A former arts sculptor, Ray has always been attracted to modeling real objects alongside virtual ones. With her love of vintage tech, she spends her free time secretly programming in the MS-DOS operating system. She’s also into fashion, vintage or otherwise, but unfortunately her utilitarian boxy work uniform doesn’t allow her to express her style as she would prefer. No dress to impress… at least not until the weekend. In the SC99 Film, Vidia will successfully solve some rendering issues to convert wireframes into digital icons.”

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Graphic Design Video & Motion Posted on February 22, 2019
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