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Santa Cruz Restaurant Branding by Anagrama

Santa Cruz is a quick service Mexican BBQ restaurant located in northeast Mexico. Their menu contains items such as brisket and baby-back ribs slow-cooked to tender perfection and offered in an array of different ready-to-go, conventional styles such as burgers and tacos.

Mexican design firm Anagrama created this impressive identity with a “hand-made” feel, meant to “praise the careful, traditional and apprehensive food making process of Santa Cruz”.

“The brand is simple and direct, and above all, always honest and sincere, never attempting to hide its conceptual rugged awkwardness. Destined to be franchised in the future, Santa Cruz’s honest and handcrafted demeanor will inevitably be distinctive amid all other, more synthetic fast food chain restaurants.

The project was done in collaboration with architect Eiji Hayakawa. While we developed the brand values and visual identity, Eiji worked on the restaurant’s unique and unusual architecture. The massive, scarlet barn-like structure is distinctively prominent amid the industrially gray and blue mountainous backdrop of its physical setting.”

via Brand New Anagrama’s website

Branding Graphic Design Print Design Typography Posted on May 23, 2013
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