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Ruins Studio: Beautifully Renovated Scottish Farmhouse

Stunning project in Dumfries, Scotland by Lily Jencks Studio and Nathanael Dorent Architecture.

“This private house in Scotland is built within the existing stone ruins of an old farmhouse, with beautiful views northwards for more than 50 miles down two valleys. Since the existing ruin, and new building, reveal a palimpsest of occupation on the site, we wanted to highlight this layering by adding a sequence of counterpoint materials and variating geometry within the design.

The first layer is the existing stone wall, within which sits a black EPDM rubber clad pitched-roof ‘envelope’, and within that a curvilinear interior ‘tube’ wall system. The Three layers of Ruin, Envelope, Tube were first conceived as laminated together. Within the tube are the more public programs of kitchen, study, sittingroom and dining. In some areas the tube ‘delaminates’ from the Envelope to create rooms that are used for the more private functions of bedrooms, bathrooms and storage. The existing ruined walls, and views from the site, dictate locations for large windows and door openings.”

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Architecture Interior Design Posted on March 27, 2018
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