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Organic Origami: Incredible Sculptures by Goran Konjevod

With a background in mathematics and theoretical computer science, Croatian artist Goran Konjevod creates intricate tessellated origami sculptures exploring abstract forms.

“Origami has been a hobby of mine for a long time, but I mostly folded from others’ instructions. Not until 2005 did I start seriously exploring the possibility of original work in origami.

Most of my pieces so far are abstract shapes naturally formed by the tension of the paper when multiple layers of paper are arranged according to regular or irregular patterns. In that sense, they could almost be said to be discovered, rather than invented or designed. In particular, the pieces shown in my pleat tessellation gallery pages have been developed from a single urform discovered by Paul Jackson. The experience of folding these pieces has helped me begin to understand how particular fold sequences interact and in a few cases I have been able to visualize the final shape before starting to fold.”

— Goran Konjevod

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Art Posted on December 16, 2016
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