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Minimalist Geometric Photos by Paolo Pettigiani

“E X P O” is a new series by Italian graphic designer and photographer Paolo Pettigiani (previously), once again exploring the beautiful geometric forms in architecture.

“A context in which the shapes become a pretext for exploration of space, freeing itself from its real picture, to make it more emotionally relevant. Minimal geometry, shadows and colors intersect between reality and absence, visually decontextualized from initial aesthetics.
In this way, the following photographs describe a ‘non-place’, dematerialized by its own matter.

The main points of this project are geometry, minimalism and graphics, which he used to decontextualize the buildings from the surrounding area. Modern architecture from all around the world gathered at the EXPO 2015 and in my photographic project.”

More photography via Behance

Photography Posted on September 25, 2015
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