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Mezzo 200 Branding by Kyle Tezak

Minneapolis-based designer Kyle Tezak created this vibrant identity for the first annual Mezzo 200 Reliability Trial. A rally that is modeled after the famous road races of the 20th Century, set in the scenic Illinois River Valley.

“It’s a relaxed 200 mile drive through state parks, sleepy riverfront hamlets, and high corn ready for harvest.

The idea was formed when my friend, industrial designer, and old car nut, Noah Lambert, asked if I’d be interested in helping him put on a rally for pre-1973 vehicles in central Illinois. I don’t know anything about cars but I knew with Noah’s meticulous attention to detail and some tasetful graphic design from yours truly, this had the potential to be a really special event.

We considered every aspect of the experience from the coffee urn to the route map, stressing thoughtful design, quality materials, and good times. After the success of this year’s event, we’ve already begun preparing for 2016.”

— Kyle Tezak

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Branding Graphic Design Logo Design Print Design Typography Posted on October 19, 2015
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