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MD Aesthetica Branding by La Tortilleria

Mexican studio La Tortilleria created this understated brand identity for MD Aesthetica, an award-winning aesthetic and wellness center located in Houston, Texas.

“La Tortillería created MD Aesthetica’s complete brand identity. Our work began with the creation of a memorable logotype. We designed a beautiful icon inspired by the stunning image of human epidermis cells magnified under a microscope. The resulting hexagonal shape shares a strong resemblance with the texture of skin, and its versatile outline allows the figure to be repeated and interconnected in order to form a pattern.

On some applications the symbol is golden and embossed, and on others, it’s directly carved on the top page or cover, partially unveiling contents or colors underneath. This design mechanism works just like our skin—it protects our inner, beautiful self. The symbol is freestanding, but can be partnered with an elegant and light sans-serif font we selected for the brand.”

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Branding Graphic Design Logo Design Print Design Posted on April 20, 2018
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