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Lettering and Typography by Andrei D. Robu

Andrei D. Robu is a graphic designer specialized in lettering and branding. He runs his own company in Bucharest, Romania.

Andrei is also responsible for “Designers Go To Heaven” and a co-founder of “Typeverything”, some of the coolest sites around for design inspiration.

“I’ve always been fascinated with the exploration of new shapes and new typefaces. Essentially, I’ve never quit doing typography ever since I learned how to write. It later evolved in graffiti, tattoos and towards digital.

I work with simple materials, normally starting with pencil and paper. Once these are combined, there follows a lot of thought. It’s this combination between the process and the study that directs everything towards shape. It may mean deconstructing classic typefaces. When reconstructing them, I always search for new ways they can be improved.”

– Andrei D. Robu

Andrei Robu’s website Designers Go To Heaven Typeverything

Graphic Design Typography Posted on September 30, 2011
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