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Learning To Fly: A Unique Sculpture by Marco Wit

Dutch artist and designer Marco Wit creates whimsical pieces that combine industrial design techniques with a fine art, sculptural approach.

“As a little kid, growing up next to an airforce base, I drove around on my bike, pretending to be one of the pilots flying their sleek and perfectly shaped jet aircraft over my house. Man was I good at dreaming…

When at home I used to build the things I saw around me, being plastic model kits, lego (of course), but even from scratch by using cardboard or clay. I was good at building things too…

Looking at my life now, and the job I bestowed upon myself I notice that I never changed very much from myself at that age, and how intensively I was looking at the world around me.

Nowadays I don’t really choose what I am going to make, which always surprises me, a week or so after I started working on something new. This was never more the case as was with this object, only later on I realized it is actually a dreamy look back into my childhood, when I was learning to fly…”

— Marco Wit

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Art Posted on April 13, 2018
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