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Lamborghini Egoista Concept by Walter de Silva

Created by the head designer of Volkswagen Group, Walter de Silva, the Lamborghini Egoista is a single-seater concept powered by a 600 horsepower 5.2-liter V10 engine. The concept was created to celebrate Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary.

“The cockpit, designed like a tailor-made suit for the driver, is a removable section which, once combined with the rest of the vehicle, creates a perfect technical, mechanical and aerodynamic unit. Influenced by the world of aviation – specifically an apache helicopter – the cockpit can be ejected in an emergency.

‘The cockpit, made completely of carbon fiber and aluminum, represents a sort of survival cell, allowing the driver to isolate and protect themselves from external elements,’ de Silva explains. ‘We kept an eye on the future when designing the egoista, with the idea that its cockpit could have been taken from a jet aircraft and integrated into a road vehicle, to provide a different travel option.'”

via designboom

Industrial Design Vehicle Design Posted on June 12, 2013
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