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KOI Packaging Design by Bullet

Striking sake bottle design and packaging for Koi (also known as ‘Nishikigoi’), created by Japanese studio Bullet Inc.

“KOI is ornamental carp that have beautiful colored markings on the spindle-shaped heroic body. They can be defined as inedible carp that have admirable figure, markings or colors. Also they are known as a ‘living jewel’. In 1918, the first KOI was born in Niigata, Japan where the Imayotsukasa Sake Brewery is located.

Likening the white porcelain bottle to the shape of a KOI, we graphically applied a KOI pattern to the surface of the bottle. The package is complete with an outer box, which has a KOI-shaped window to make the display even more appealing.”

More packaging design via Lovely Package

Packaging Design Posted on December 14, 2015
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