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Kaleido-Wall 1.0: Art Installation by Vin & Priyanka Rathod

“Kaleido-Wall 1.0” is a hypnotic art installation created by Vin Rathod and Priyanka Rathod for Australian festival Vivid Sydney.

“Kaleido-Wall 1.0 draws inspiration from the fascinating toy Kaleidoscope. ‘This simple cylinder of beads and mirrors creates a magical world of colourful reflection and refraction. The endlessly shifting, glittering patterns of colour and intricate shapes always caught my eye and I wanted to make a large scale art installation based on this concept.’

The artwork relies on light and on movement in its surrounding environment to create complex, multicoloured patterns. The reflections are in three layers. The first one is kaleidoscope of LED lights. Next layer is reflection of people and their movements. The third layer is the reflection of Opera house with its colourful projection specially designed for the event.

Kaleido – Wall 1.0 is meant to be enjoyed and interacted via movements and reflections. It is up for sale for a suitable place. Until then, it will continue to exhibit at various galleries for all to enjoy a unique pattern it offers to its surroundings.”

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Art Posted on October 6, 2014
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