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Junkyard Photography by Troy Paiva

Since the 1970s Troy Paiva has been exploring the deserted backroads of the American Southwest. In 1989 he started taking beautiful night shots of abandoned locations and junkyards.

All his pictures are taken under a full moon and light painted with a flashlight or strobe flash masked with theatrical lighting gels.

From his website:

“His surrealist and whimsical work examines the evolution and eventual abandonment of the communities, structures and social iconography spawned during America’s 20th century expansion into the deserts and cities of the West–and the modern Urban Exploration culture that finds strange comfort in dancing through its ruins. Troy’s low cost, high impact light painting techniques have been emulated all over the world.”

via Feature Shoot Lost America – Troy Paiva’s website

Art Photography Posted on November 8, 2011
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