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I’m an Astronaut: Photography by Chris Hadfield

Chris Hadfield is one of the world’s most accomplished astronauts.

In his new book entitled “You are here” he gives us a truly unique perspective of the world we live in, through a compelling visual essay that includes some of the amazing photos he took on the International Space Station.

“Riding a rocket into orbit is overpowering, taming a dragon crossed with dragster. Yet the second the engines shut down, along with the feeling of relief, every astronaut has an overpowering urge to get to ‎get to the window and see the world. And what a world we see, so fast.

In just 92 minutes we go all the way around, incredulously gazing on place after place, barely known and only dreamed of. The colors and textures pour underneath, a refilling kaleidoscope of delight.”

– Chris Hadfield

More photography via Mashable

Photography Posted on October 17, 2014
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