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Hyper Realistic Paintings by Tom Martin

Impressive photo realistic paintings by Tom Martin, a young artist from the UK.

“My choice of subject is personal to me, and to an extent me only. The items that feature in my paintings are nothing more than fractions of my everyday life. I find myself fascinated by the way products are packaged, the texts that are used, and the way these items react with light in their surroundings. Occasionally, hard edged pieces of chrome gym equipment find their way into my compositions. These rather banal pieces of steel are far from idyllic ideas of what is or is not beautiful. However by making ‘super-sized’ paintings of these objects I am able to pack in many unseen intricate reflections and abstracted bands of colour. The subject becomes fascinating despite its origins, as we the viewer are enabled to see closer than we would normally care to do.”

-Tom Martin

via Paranoias Tom Martin’s website

Art Posted on November 4, 2011
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