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How to Build Your Human: Film & Photos by Jasmine De Silva

‘How to Build Your Human’ is a satirical infomercial by London-based photographer and filmmaker Jasmine De Silva, offering a glimpse into the world of ‘fixing’ humans.

“Both futuristic and retro, ‘How To Build Your Human’, directed by Jasmine De Silva, merges tutorial with advertisement, in bright, poppy colors and fake smiles. Constructed with clever hand-made visual effects (think live action collage), it’s a light-hearted commentary on our society’s obsession with perfection. Over images of women trying on new eyes, lips and hair, a cheerful voiceover speaks in giddy marketing cliches, complete with underplayed disclaimers about the companies limitations. It turns out it’s more brainwashing service than a physical makeover (‘once your human understands the incredible feeling of perfection, it seeks it all by itself’), not only an advertisement of the future or past, but an advertisement of now.”

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Art Fashion & Beauty Photography Video & Motion Posted on May 24, 2019
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