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Hand-Embroidered Lettering by Valeria Molinari

Amazing hand-stitched lettering work by Venezuelan illustrator and designer Valeria Molinari.

“As a creative person, I like drawing, printmaking, hand-lettering, sewing, animation, and ceramics; so, you can say I love to experiment, not only with styles and mediums but in general. I love adventure, knowledge, and exploration. In my practice, I like to mix it up with different mediums while playing with typographic elements, language, and its role in shaping society. In the past few years, my main focus has been my activism and working on themes of social difference: feminism, gender, sexuality and culture using a mixture of elements and mediums , especially embroidery, which helps me juxtapose the heaviness of the subject matter with the delicate and ‘feminine’ aesthetic of the technique.”

More lettering inspiration via Behance

Art Typography Posted on December 5, 2016
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