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Guest Post: Incredible Wood Sculptures by AJ Fosik

Today’s inspiration comes from the talented Mitch McGee, an artist based in Houston, Texas (check out our previous post and also the links below to see his amazing layered wood artworks).

In his guest post for The Grid, Mitch presents the work of Portland-based artist AJ Fosik.

“AJ Fosik is a street artist, visual artist and a craftsman. Over the past 10 years his work has evolved from 2D into these 3D beasts. I can imagine that he looked up one day and out of necessity, and one tool at a time, he was working in a full-fledged wood shop. While undeniably recognizable, his sculptures continue to become more intricate as he hones his craft constructing these beautiful creatures.

He is an inspiration to me because of his concepts and also his medium as a wood worker.”

– Mitch McGee

AJ Fosik’s website Mitch McGee on The Grid Mitch McGee’s website

Art Posted on November 26, 2012
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