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Future Tense: New Surreal Paintings by Alex Gross

Incredible new artworks by talented American artist Alex Gross. These paintings are all part of his new book “Future Tense“, now available from Amazon.

“The existential vacuum is the psychological landscape that Alex Gross presents in Future Tense. A lengthy parade of characters lost in their cell phones, iPads and computers find themselves in worlds of neon-lit supermarkets, billboard infested metropolises, and naturalistic countryside panoramas. Most of his characters appear bored and distracted. His work exposes the result of corporate-dictated mass culture and our inability to be present and interact with the real world. Alex Gross’ paintings remind us, through a blend of symbolic and literal elements, that it is impossible to escape the domination of corporations and consumerism.”

You can buy the book here.

More art on the grid via Ufunk

Art Illustration Posted on May 19, 2015
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