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Further West: Retro-futuristic Series by Mako Miyamoto

“Further West” is an intriguing series of images by Portland-based art director Mako Miyamoto.

“Reframing the idea of imperialism in American history, Further West explores a revisionist’s vision of manifest destiny. Refugees and pioneers on the brink of the unknown step onto foreign soil, engulfed by the sprawl of the landscape before them they begin to shape the world. The known and unknown collide, as natural and constructed spaces become augmented, and mid-century Americana culture adapts, shifts, and changes it’s trajectory toward a new and uncertain future.

Using model making, portraiture, and landscape photography, these images become a collage of real and imagined possibilities, posing questions about who we are and how we coexist in this world. Series created for a solo show at Stephanie Chefas Gallery July 7th – 29th, 2017 in Portland, OR.”

— Mako Miyamoto

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Photography Posted on December 4, 2017
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