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Fuell Flow Electric Bikes by Erik Buell

Former Harley-Davidson engineer Erik Buell recently launched his new electric bike company called Fuell.

The manufacturer’s first motorcycle series is called ‘Flow‘ and according to Buell it will be available in 11kW or 35kW versions, “combining practicality, technological innovations and unparalleled driving pleasure thanks to its acceleration and low center of gravity.”

“The Flow is designed completely in-house by the Fuell team and is positioned as an urban mobility solution. Available in 11kW/15 horsepower and 35kW/47 horsepower models, the Flow features an electric motor housed in the rear wheel, eliminating the need for a transmission and belt or chain. This reduces weight and helps extend range, along with allowing for interesting features like a 13-gallon storage compartment. Fuell plans on making its bike fully customizable, with upgrades to motors, batteries, and chargers.”

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Industrial Design Technology Vehicle Design Posted on April 29, 2019
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