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Flexible Screens: Incredible Sculptures by Daniel Canogar

Spanish artist Daniel Canogar creates high-tech sculptural artworks that are absolutely mesmerizing.

The striking sculptures are also interactive, reacting to the world around them in real-time.

“Each slow-moving animation is based on algorithms that appear to mimic natural phenomena: the waves in a pond or a psychedelic sunrise. But the code that drives it is even more ‘natural’. The precise color, rotation and speed is influenced by real-time data pulled from the web of current global measurements. For example, the corner-hugging ‘Ember’ reacts in real-time to active fires from around the world. The hammock-like ‘basin’ pulls current rain data from 192 international capital cities. And the diagonal ‘Gust’ is local, influenced by wind data in the city it currently occupies.”

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Art Technology Video & Motion Posted on October 20, 2017
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