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Endless Summer 2.0: Collages by Charis Tsevis

Endless Summer 2.0 is a new series by Inspiration Grid favorite Charis Tsevis.

“My Endless Summer is a series of digital mosaics of the most brilliant time of the year; summer memories and impressions. Stereotypical images of the sun, the blue sea and fun inspired by old popular magazines and advertisements. Memory pieces crafted on the digital canvas to mark each and every one of the things we remember, things we envied, things we feel nostalgic about and everything that was worth saving in our memories. Pop pictures from an era of prosperity, which when compared to present times makes us smile bitterly. Colourful motels from all over the world left behind in forgotten highways. Small diving swimming pools that no longer exist due to safety standards. Towels in the sand without loungers and young faces that now look very old. Photo-shoots of people having fun memorised for life in a polaroid or Instamatic. Instagram from the 50s that, as always, want to look brighter and happier. Those that belong to the past manage to do so. They overcame time and transformed into small private harbors. We turn to them every time we reckon our time.

The mosaics of Endless Summer praise the carelessness, beauty, innocence and awareness of their loss. (Before everything gets lost in the mist of the past) They finally praise the unique youth. The only essential capital of this world that we would like to keep forever as we do the summer season. Without reconciling its unrestrained consumption.”

— Charis Tsevis

More collages Visit his website

Art Illustration Posted on December 12, 2018
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