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Published Oct 30, 2019

Make your Instagram feed a lot cooler by following these inspiring creatives. While you’re at it, why not follow us as well for that sweet daily dose of inspiration?

Luke Choice — @velvetspectrum

US-based Australian visual artist Luke Choice posts concepts, work and a variety of visual goodies on his feed.

Jessica Walsh — @jessicavwalsh

The Instagram account of superstar designer and IG favorite Jessica Walsh is a colorful feast for those looking for visual inspiration.

David Milan — @mdemilan

Graphic designer and calligraphy artist David Milan is quite active on Instagram, sharing his eye-catching lettering creations.

Guzz Soares — @guzzsoares

Guzz Soares is a talented Brazilian 3D artist who has produced work for Dreamworks, Nickelodeon and other big names.

David Carson — @davidcarson

Graphic design legend David Carson uses his Instagram account to share not only his work but also anything related to his lifelong passion of surfing.

Jan Sladecko — @jan.sladecko

Jan Sladecko is an art director and motion designer based in LA. His feed is full of cool little animations and short visual stories.

Capsules Book — @capsulesbook

Capsules Book is a publishing house helping agencies find amazing creatives. Their Instagram feed is a treasure chest of outstanding illustration and design talent.

Hot Kenobi — @hot.kenobi

Hot Kenobi is a Japanese photographer that loves playing with action figures. Check out his feed to see these toys in fun and unusual scenarios.

Ahda Firdaus — @misterdoodle

If you’re a hand-lettering enthusiast or just love seeing cool quotes over beautiful landscape images, you have to pay a visit to Ahda Firdays’ account.

Stefan Sagmeister — @stefansagmeister

Iconic Austrian designer Stefan Sagmeister uses his Instagram to connect with other creatives by encouraging them to share their work, which he then reviews with some clever insights.

Chris Labrooy — @chrislabrooy

Chances are you’ve probably seen Chris’ work here on the grid before. His Instagram account is chock-full of his wacky and fantastic vehicle artworks.

Gemma O’Brien — @mrseaves101

With a huge following on Insta, letterer and typographer Gemma O’Brien shares her latest projects and mural artworks. You can also catch a glimpse of what happens behind the scenes of her large-scale creations.

James White — @signalnoise

If you’re into the pop neon 80s aesthetic, James White is your man. Go check his account for an overdose of neon lights and chrome effects.

Hey Studio — @heystudio

With a visual language full of bright bold colours and geometric forms, Hey Studio’s account is sure to keep you browsing for hours.

Noah Camp — @noahcampdesign

New York-based digital artist Noah Camp creates awesome 3D typographic illustrations. Check out his feed for your type fix.

Tanaka Tatsuya — @tanaka_tatsuya

Japanese artist and photographer Tatsuya Tanaka, creates clever tiny scenarios every single day for his ‘Miniature Calendar’ series.

Omar Aqil — @omaraqildesign

Omar is a talented freelance digital illustrator & art director, famous for his reinterpretations of deconstructed Picasso characters.

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