24 Best Fonts to Make an Impact in 2024

Published Jan 5, 2024
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Happy New Year! Welcome to our first roundup of 2024, showcasing the 24 best fonts that will empower you to make a lasting impression this year.

Whether you’re a professional designer, a small business owner or someone who’s just starting out on your typographic journey, choosing the right font can be the difference between a message that resonates and one that falls flat.

In this roundup, we’ll be exploring a diverse range of typefaces, from bold and striking to subtle and elegant, each carefully chosen for their ability to captivate an audience and make a memorable impact. So let’s dive right in!

Brice Font Family

Brice is a font that draws inspiration from pop culture and embodies an 80s style. With its playful serifs and vibrant contrast, this unique typeface is ideal for creating eye-catching posters, logos, striking headlines, and social media content.

Neugro Typeface

Neugro is a typeface that draws its inspiration from both the experimental and the contemporary, yet maintains a powerful and refined quality. This innovative sans serif font is perfect for display purposes. Its sharp ends and short ascenders and descenders render it fitting for blocks of text.

Innocent Monoline Script Font

Innocent Script is an elegant signature-style font that features distinctive curves and a graceful, flowing ink-like quality. It is ideal for enhancing photography, creating eye-catching social media posts, designing advertisements and logos, crafting invitations, developing product designs, or adding a personalized handwritten element to any project.

Austral Sans

Austral Sans is a hand-drawn layered font derived from the Slab version which is also part of the broader Austral type family. This sans serif typeface has the potential to make your work stand out, thanks to its capacity for diverse combinations of textures and styles, each delivering a unique and remarkable result.

Marttabuck Script

Marttabuck is a daring cursive typeface featuring two distinct styles: regular and special. The special version includes its own distinctive small slices, adding a personalized touch and enhancing its uniqueness. This versatile font is ideal for creating logos, apparel designs, wedding invitations, signage, sports club branding, automotive ads and many other applications.

Flexible Font

Drawing inspiration from the gothic typefaces of late 19th-century broadsides, Flexible offers cutting-edge font technology that enables designers to easily adjust the height and width of each letter. This versatile uppercase typeface comes in 8 different widths and heights, and is also available as a variable font, providing endless font possibilities.

Flexible was designed with animation in mind, making it perfect for creating dynamic kinetic typography videos. This typeface family is ideal for eye-catching headlines, displays, packaging, flyers, logos, and works well in both print and digital environments such as sophisticated web design or kinetic typography. The complete pack includes both the static font and the variable font option.

Pacmac Font

The Pacmac font is a vibrant and artistic typeface composed of geometric forms, drawing inspiration from the classic Pacman game. It’s an excellent choice for a range of exciting projects, including web design, film, music, and particularly for logo creation and poster headlines. With its diverse array of independent styles, the PacMac offers an exceptional modular font that can be combined to create visually striking outcomes.

Ashford Stylish Serif

Ashford is a sophisticated serif that exudes an aura of timeless elegance and charm. Particularly effective as a display style, this typeface shines in headlines, posters and logotypes.


The NOS typeface is characterized by smooth, dynamic lines that reflect the velocity and vitality of contemporary sports racing. Its audacious typography encapsulates the spirit of speed, featuring sharp, avant-garde outlines that stimulate a feeling of high-octane movement.

Modern Lettering Fonts Collection

The Modern Lettering Fonts Collection is a compilation of 5 fonts and over 100 floral illustrations crafted by skilled hand-lettering artists. This versatile toolkit is ideal for producing captivating layouts with a contemporary lettering aesthetic. Each font is meticulously designed to replicate hand-drawn typography, featuring gentle contours and a diverse array of alternate glyphs.

Additionally, the package includes spot elements, gritty textures, and 3 pre-made text styles for Adobe Illustrator to enhance your design options and streamline your workflow across various projects including posters, cards, packaging, logos, and beyond.

Retroid Vintage Pixelated Font

Retroid is a typeface that harks back to the era of 8-bit console graphics. Its pixelated design captures the nostalgic charm of old-school gaming, making it a perfect fit for projects that require a retro touch. The font embodies the simplicity and straightforwardness of early video game typography, while still maintaining readability and aesthetic appeal.

In addition to this unique typeface, the package also includes a few pixelated vector illustrations as a bonus.

Rugfish Playful Display Font

Rugfish is a fun and bold typeface that exudes a lively attitude. This diverse and chunky font is tailored for creating attention-grabbing headers, offering the flexibility to experiment with colorful letters and pattern-filled designs. It’s an ideal choice for crafting logos, package designs, posters, magazines and other products targeted towards children.

Vultron Vintage Style Font

Vultron is a custom typeface with a vintage aesthetic. This font has a nostalgic charm that can add character to any design project.

The incredible versatility of Vultron is showcased in its six different styles: regular, grunge, inline, inline grunge, bold, and bold grunge. With such a wide variety of styles, Vultron provides an extensive palette for designers to work with, making it a versatile addition to any font library.

Angled Geometric Font

Angled is a striking font that draws inspiration from contemporary headline typography trends. Its design features exquisite geometric cut-outs crafted to perfection.

This bold font lends itself well to futuristic or gaming-oriented designs, making it an excellent choice for UI design, and heads-up display (HUD) typography.

Scholar Serif Typeface

Scholar is a new serif font that features sleek, smooth lines, precise curves, and subtle yet distinct serifs. Primarily designed for editorial use, this typeface series radiates sophistication and confidence.

Available in both Regular and Italic versions, Scholar is expertly crafted to cater to a wide range of design needs, from creating clean and elegant nostalgic designs to working on projects such as headlines, magazines, logos, packaging, editorials and more.

Romans Story Ligature Serif Font

Romans Story is an elegant serif font with intricate ligatures, meticulously crafted to exude a sense of luxury and premium quality. Its unique ligatures set it apart from standard serif fonts, making it ideal for logos, headlines, titles and a wide range of formal applications including invitations, labels, magazines, books, packaging, makeup products, stationery items and more.

Maggie’s Luck Layered Display Font

Maggie’s Luck is a retro-inspired, eye-catching typeface that offers layered features for added depth. With five “font layers”, it allows for easy recoloring and customization. In addition, this font provides multilingual support, ensuring a wide range of characters and symbols are available.

As an added bonus, the set includes a vector label template and a casino poster featuring an illustration of a stylish woman throwing dice cubes.

Kohm Vintage Font

Kohm is a classic display serif typeface with a rugged charm. Ideal for logos, posters, packaging and badges, it boasts uppercase multilingual characters, numbers and punctuation. From a distance, its subtlety shines through, but up close, its distinctive character is revealed in all its natural glory.

Mixed Font

Mixed is an uppercase hand-lettered font that draws inspiration from the charming imperfections of retro and vintage signs. It comes with a plethora of alternates, allowing you to customize and blend to your heart’s content. Each character has been meticulously drawn by hand, adding a unique, human touch to its design. This font is ideal for logos, quotes, artwork, signs, headlines and anything that could benefit from a handmade aesthetic.

Mars Futuristic Headline Font

Mars is a sleek and sophisticated typeface that is perfect for modern, futuristic and space-inspired designs. Its clean, minimalist design makes it ideal for a wide range of applications, including adventure, branding, posters, web design and music labels.

Budge Layered Typeface

Budge is an intricately designed typeface with three available layer styles and a bold slanted aesthetic. Drawing from the visuals of classic dessert and beverage packaging, this versatile font includes elegant swashes and offers regular, shadow and outline layer options. Budge is perfect for a wide range of projects including branding, headers, logos, posters, magazines, packaging, menus and more.

Sherman Typeface

Sherman is a typeface that balances softness with assertiveness, and is described by its creators as a “gentle giant in the world of typefaces”. It was designed to lend an air of confidence and authority to headlines, while still retaining a warm and approachable feel.

Sherman has a distinctive personality when compared to other condensed typefaces, featuring elegant slanted terminals and optical modifications that effectively counterbalance size without adding unnecessary weight.

Whiskey Sour Vintage Serif

Whiskey Sour is a strong and timeless serif font that exudes both charm and confidence. Its gentle, inviting aesthetic makes it an elegant option for all your typography requirements. Whether used in logos, packaging, restaurant graphics or any other visual applications, this font is brilliantly versatile.

Pitchfork Font

Pitchfork is a bold typeface featuring all capital letters and a no-nonsense attitude. This font is the perfect match for sport-related designs, from posters promoting upcoming games to motivational quotes that inspire athletes. Its bold and energetic style also makes it ideal for t-shirt designs, adding a powerful punch to any apparel.

That’s a wrap!

We hope you enjoyed our selection featuring 24 fonts that will help your work stand out in 2024. Each typeface featured here brings something unique to the table, allowing you to communicate your messages effectively while adding a touch of style and individuality to your designs.

For more typography inspiration, check out some of our other roundups featuring the best futuristic fonts, best cursive fonts and the best websites to download free fonts.

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