23 Best Cursive & Script Fonts: Add a Dash of Elegance to Your Designs

Published Aug 23, 2023
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In our latest roundup, we’re thrilled to present you with an exciting compilation: our top 23 picks of the most elegant and versatile cursive fonts every designer should know about.

The fonts we selected can act as silent yet powerful conveyors of mood, style, and personality. These cursive typefaces carry a distinct charm, their fluid strokes and graceful curves can lend a touch of sophistication, warmth, or organic feel to any design project.

From branding endeavors and logo creation to crafting stunning invitations or compelling posters, these fonts can be your secret weapon to leave a lasting impression. They have the power to transform ordinary designs into extraordinary visual experiences, giving your work a unique voice in the crowded landscape of design.

So, whether you’re a seasoned professional looking for fresh inspiration or a beginner eager to explore the fascinating universe of typography, this curated list is your treasure trove. Enjoy the ride!

Oakland Handwritten Font

Oakland is a clean and sophisticated script font that lends itself seamlessly to logo designs, magazine layouts, social media content, brochures and any other creative projects you can think of.

Primed Bold Brush Font

Primed is a unique and bold hand-drawn brush font created with authentic marker pens. It is perfect for eye-catching display text, logos, quotes, packaging and more. In addition to a complete set of uppercase and lowercase characters, Primed also offers 18 swashes that can be used to underline your lettering and add a personalized touch.

Zelda Script Font

Zelda is a script font that exudes femininity and elegance through its distinct characteristics. This versatile typeface can be employed for a multitude of purposes including greeting cards, editorials, branding materials and wedding invitations. By incorporating its ornamental characters into your design, Zelda will effortlessly infuse instant beauty and captivate your audience with an attractive message.

Salty Feathers Modern Script Font

With its sleek and sophisticated wet ink texture, the Salty Feathers font embodies a modern elegance that is ideal for branding purposes, logos, invitations, headers and much more. This typeface offers a comprehensive range of characters, including both uppercase and lowercase letters, symbols from various languages, numbers, punctuation marks, alternate versions of certain letters, decorative swashes and ligatures.

Clarkson Script Font

Clarkson is a trendy and adaptable typeface that allows you to produce stunning digital lettering. With its assortment of ligatures and alternative characters, as well as both lowercase and uppercase glyphs, it is perfect for various applications such as logotypes, posters, social media content, branding, signage and more.

Bayshore Hand-Drawn Font

Step back in time with Bayshore, a monoline script font that screams 80s nostalgia. This unique hand-drawn font effortlessly brings a sense of boldness, elegance, and trendiness to your lettering. Whether you’re working on logos, product packaging, or merchandise designs, Bayshore is the ultimate choice for achieving that timeless retro vibe.

Cristine Handwritten Font

Cristine is a trendy script typeface that effortlessly captures a genuine and laid-back vibe. It is ideal for various design purposes such as creating a distinctive brand imagery, designing logos, crafting beautiful lettering, developing eye-catching clothing designs or producing captivating posters and magazine layouts.

Fabiola Script Font

Fabiola is an exceptional typeface that caters to a vast array of purposes and consistently delivers awe-inspiring aesthetics. This script font showcases luscious flourishes that seamlessly harmonize with uppercase letters, yielding genuinely distinctive outcomes. You can combine it with Fabiola Caps which is part of the same family, to produce truly impressive results.

Hillmont Signature Script Font

Hillmont is an exclusive script font with endless possibilities for different projects like branding, labels, photography, invitations, stationery, watermarking, social media posts, advertising campaigns and product packaging. Moreover, it showcases a diverse range of special characters along with ligatures and exquisite ending swashes to enhance your designs.

Sortdecai Cursive Script

Sortdecai is a hand-lettered contemporary vintage script font that seamlessly blends the elegance of traditional typography with a contemporary touch. With over 300 glyphs to choose from, including stylistic sets, ligatures and contextual alternates, it’s a highly versatile typeface.

Margarita Pro

Margarita Pro Font is a sophisticated script font family that offers support for multiple languages, a wide range of punctuation marks, and up to 20 different alternate characters. It can be used for various purposes such as wedding invitations, magazines, restaurant menus, greeting cards, birthday invitations and more.

Kentwell Handwritten Font

Kentwell is a modern and chic script typeface suitable for an array of creative endeavors including branding, labeling, photography, stationery, advertising, packaging and beyond.

The Saily Retro Cursive Font

The Saily font exudes a classic, vintage vibe with its monoline script style. It is an ideal choice for various purposes, including fashion labels, wedding invitations and business cards. It can also deliver the perfect look for traditional craft businesses like barber shops or tailors.

Rustling Trees Script Textured Font

Rustling Trees is a one-of-a-kind script font with a captivating texture. Boasting an extensive repertoire of characters including lowercase, uppercase and alternates, this font lends itself to a multitude of applications such as logo design, posters, digital lettering, signage – the possibilities are endless!

Melancholy Font

Melancholy exudes a tranquil and refined aesthetic as a font choice. Its versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications including invitations, cards, branding projects, packaging, magazines, social media posts, signature styles and quotes. Whether you require it for lengthy text or concise sentences, this font’s adaptable nature works well for all types of content.

Vintage Goods Script Font

The Vintage Goods script font finds its roots in the 1980s, a period that witnessed a resurgence of interest in calligraphy as a powerful visual element. The aim was to capture the essence of the simple yet powerful designs that characterized this era.

Renature Elegant Signature Font

Imbued with an air of natural elegance and charm, Renature presents itself as an exquisite handwritten font. This font is ideal for creating logos for beauty and fashion products, titles for movies, invitations, stationery designs, wedding themes, social media posts, watermarks for branding purposes or any other creative projects you can think of. It includes a complete set of both uppercase and lowercase letters as well as multilingual symbols, numbers and punctuation marks.

Somersette Script Font

Elevate your designs with the exquisite Somersette monoline script font. This font exudes an effortless charm through its elegant calligraphy style. With built-in OpenType features, it provides an array of possibilities such as graceful swashes at the start and end of words, alternative characters for both uppercase and lowercase letters, an extensive selection of swash alternatives for lowercase letters, as well as numbers, punctuation marks, alternates and ligatures.

Photomark Signature Handwritten Font

Photomark Signature is a sleek and flowing handwritten font that can add a touch of beauty to wedding invitations, thank you cards, visual quotes, greeting cards, logos, business cards and any other projects in need of a personal touch.

Wanderlust Signature Font

With its natural and contemporary vibe, Wanderlust stands out as a distinctive font choice. Its versatility makes it perfect for a wide range of uses including branding, logo design, fashion labels, posters, magazines, t-shirts, book covers and much more.

Amsterdam Signature Font

The Amsterdam font is a simple and refined typeface that offers four elegant variations. It includes OpenType features like stylistic alternates, initial and final forms, and ligatures. It’s an excellent option for creating signature brands or logo designs, incorporating quotes into photography, designing album covers or business cards, and various other creative projects.

Opulent Modern Calligraphy Font

Opulent is a nice set of hand-drawn calligraphy fonts, available in three distinct styles: SVG, brush, and solid. The SVG font enables you to create lifelike hand-lettering with exquisite watercolor textures. The brush variation is designed for traditional vector formats, retaining an authentic rough-painted appearance. Finally, the solid version provides a sleek and polished finish to your text, ideal for vinyl cutters like Cricut and Silhouette Cameo.

Deja Vu Handwritten Ink Font

Deja Vu offers a one-of-a-kind font experience with two distinct styles: ink and clean. The ink set features individual splashes and splatters on every uppercase and lowercase letter, making it ideal for eye-catching designs like logos, branding, tattoos, packaging, social media posts, headers, and more. On the other hand, the Clean variant exudes elegance with its feminine script style. Perfect for invitations, greeting cards, packaging, quotes, magazines, and various other uses. Whether you need a font for lengthy content or short phrases, Deja Vu’s versatility has got you covered.

… And that’s a wrap!

Choosing the right cursive or script font can greatly enhance any design project. The 23 fonts featured in this roundup offer a range of styles, from elegant and sophisticated to playful and whimsical.

Whether you are designing a logo, invitation, or website, these fonts provide a creative and unique touch that will make your work stand out. So go ahead and experiment with different combinations and pairings to find the perfect font for your needs while adding a touch of handwritten charm to your designs. Happy designing!

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