20+ Best Fonts for Logos: A Collection of Downloadable Assets for Designers

Published Jun 25, 2024
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The value of a well-thought-out, carefully crafted logo is undeniable.

A logo has the power to either elevate or hinder a brand’s success. So how can you create a distinctive logo that will leave a lasting impression and set you apart from competitors?

It all starts with the right typography.

Choosing a font that aligns with your brand values and complements your identity is crucial. But with so many different font options available, it can be overwhelming to decide which ones are the most impactful. This is why we’ve put together this curated selection of the best fonts for logos, featuring a variety of options to suit different styles and industries.

Vogan Modern Typeface

Vogan is a great modern font for logo design. This versatile typeface is ideal for a wide range of purposes, including striking logos for fashion, lifestyle, beauty and many other industries. With multiple versions available, you can select the one that best complements the essence of your projects.

Made Sunflower

Created by MadeType Foundry, Sunflower is a contemporary serif font that incorporates traditional design features. Ideal for a wide range of applications beyond logo design, such as fashion, magazines, branding, photography, invitations, quotes, headers, posters, ads and many more.

Rosewood Sans Serif Font

Rosewood is a sans-serif font that will add a grungy touch to your logo designs. It looks great in both print and digital media so it can be used for a range of other purposes like clothing, posters, book covers, event invitations and many other projects.

Stella Nova

Stella Nova is a clean sans serif font family that includes 8 styles for your creative works. Ideal for logos, as well as making a statement with eye-catching headlines in both print and digital media. With 4 varying weights and full multilingual support, Stella Nova empowers you with complete freedom to create impactful designs.

Aeion Tech Logo Font

Aeion is a sleek monospaced typeface available in 7 distinct weights as well as a variable font option. Crafted with a focus on technology, its modern aesthetic makes it an ideal choice for contemporary design projects. Whether you’re working on posters, branding, social media content, magazines, logos or any other projects related to technology, Aeion is a fantastic choice.

Fidgety Fun Comic Book Font

If you are looking for a playful logo font, check out Fidget. Thanks to its joyful and energetic look, you can make an impact on creative projects for entertainment brands, banners, posters, invitations, and anything else you can think of. No matter what you use it for, the Fidget font will always bring a sense of fun and spontaneity to your projects.

Greatly Font Duo

The Greatly Font Duo offers a combination of script and sans fonts that are great for various design needs such as logos, apparel, invitations, branding, packaging and advertising. Its classic aesthetic makes it well suited for a range of different industries, so if you’re seeking a versatile option, this combo might be the one for you.

Equinox Logo Font

Equinox is a cutting-edge font with a futuristic design, featuring a wide range of alternate glyphs, ligatures and support for multiple languages. This highly adaptable font is suitable for both large and small applications, making it suitable for branding projects, home decor designs, product packaging, magazine headlines, or as an elegant text overlay on any background image.

Brand Display Font

The Brand typeface exudes elegance and charm, making it a beautiful choice for branding and logo creation. Created by Sensatype Studio, this distinctive and sophisticated font will allow you to create logos that are stylish, elegant and unique.

Mojito Youth Vintage Retro Font

Now for something a little bit different in our list of best fonts for logos. This font captures a nostalgic retro vibe with its handcrafted design, blending vintage charm with a contemporary look. Infused with youthful energy, Mojito Youth strikes the perfect balance between past and present, infusing authenticity into your designs like never before.

Thunder Script Font

Thunder Script is a contemporary and elegant font with a bold, memorable style. This font allows you to easily create a striking hand-lettering look for not only your logo designs but also packaging, merchandise, labels, and a lot more.

American Mortar Vintage Font Family

An old-school font with contemporary elements, tailored for brands that want to make an impact. This font is fun to work with and an excellent choice for designs that require a sense of nostalgia.

Mirriam Modern Typeface

Mirriam is a font crafted for logo design, sporting a minimalist aesthetic infused with personality. With its sleek and thin style, this font boasts a diverse selection of unique lowercase characters. Plus, as an added benefit, when you download Mirriam you will also get the set of vector illustrations seen on the previews, completely free.

Biplex Modern Creative Font

If you really want to stand out, Biplex might be the best font for your new logo. It looks quite unique with a set of lively and creative letter forms, and it manages to incorporate these unusual shapes without losing its legibility.

Sardin Modern Logo Font

Sardin is a font that draws inspiration from 90s cartoons and comic books. With a versatile design, this typeface offers all the styles you’ll need for crafting stunning design projects. Whether you’re aiming for a contemporary or nostalgic aesthetic, Sardin can do it effortlessly, and it can also be paired with graphic elements to take your creations even further.

Letter Magic Retro Serif Font

Letter Magic will take you on a whimsical journey down memory lane, with its delightful vintage charm that can elevate the aesthetic of any design project. Incorporate this elegant serif font to infuse a unique retro flair into your creative concepts.

Kavo Sans Serif

Kavo is a sleek and contemporary font featuring 4 weights and unique ligatures specifically designed for creating logos. This font is highly adaptable, suitable for both large and small applications, so you can use it on your branding projects, homeware designs, product packaging, magazine headers, or as an elegant text addition to any image background. Additionally, the font package includes 6 logo templates as a special bonus.

Tanamera Psychedelic Font

The Tanamera font is influenced by psychedelic aesthetics, evoking the powerful energy of the 60s and 70s. This typeface will bring a trendy vintage vibe into your logo designs. Its versatility also allows for a wide range of other applications, like album covers and funky posters.

Gloria Rocha Glamorous Serif Font

If you want to add a glamorous touch to your designs, Gloria Rocha is one of the best logo fonts out there. This eye-catching typeface includes regular and italic styles, as well as masterfully crafted ligatures and alternates to enhance your designs with a sophisticated look.

Tropica Garden Font Trio

Tropica Gardens offers a unique blend of three fonts: bold serif, rounded sans and authentic signature. This flexible font trio is equipped to support multiple languages, numbers and symbols, making it suitable for any brand you can think of. On top of that, you can enjoy 12 stunning premade logos as a special bonus to simplify your logo design process.

Jt Gilboys Display Font

Here’s another great logo font for playful brands. Jt Gilboys is a bold and eye-catching typeface with a chunky look and rounded elements. This font is perfect for logos, striking headlines and advertising campaigns.

How to find even more great fonts for logo design

As a logo designer, having a wide variety of fonts in your arsenal is crucial. One of the best ways to expand your options and access unlimited downloads is a creative subscription service such as MonsterONE, Envato Elements, or Creative Market.

If you choose to go with MonsterONE, you can use the promo code inspiration to save 10% on any subscription plan and get instant access to their growing collection of fonts.

For more typography inspiration, check out some of our other roundups featuring the best futuristic fonts, best cursive fonts and the best websites to download free fonts.

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