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Dead Characters: Photo Series by Luca Bresadola

Italian photographer Luca Bresadola created this interesting series of still life photos featuring dead cartoon and video game characters. He explains the idea behind the series:

“You cannot kill an animation character, because he’s eternal and immortal. But growing up forces a person to let go of that carefree part of his personality, so these characters also fade out of our memories to the point of being forgotten.

From ancient times we have testimonies of our past, from classical arts and the remains of what has been. Skeletons and bones, death and art make all these characters real, like they had a life. Photography instead of paintings also concurs to make it look more real.”

To produce these striking photos, Luca created the skulls our of clay and only retouched the colours slightly, without any additional manipulation of the images.

More photography via Luca Bresadola

Art Photography Posted on September 9, 2015
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