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Conceptual Architectural Illustrations by Alyssa Dennis

In this series of beautiful drawings, Brooklyn-based artist Alyssa Dennis explores architecture and constructed spaces as a biological system — one that changes and transforms as it needs and evolves to its highest rate of functionality.

“Take something as simple as a wall form: a modular component that expands and contracts in all four directions but also divides, demarcates, contains, shelters, protects, segregates, isolates, and guides. My goal is to represent an integrated built environment, one free of compartmentalization.

These drawings were produced with an almost scientific meticulousness, parts of which were at any moment erased, scratched into, layered upon or completely covered over. Similar to the hybridization of visual imagery within my work, I also employ myriad textures that are produced through the interaction of various mediums, including graphite, colored pencil, gouache, and ground pigment.”

— Alyssa Dennis

More illustrations Visit her website

Architecture Art Illustration Posted on May 18, 2015
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